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We have over 13+ years in the Industry.

We don't just build software; we engineer solutions that redefine industries and empower businesses to thrive in the digital age.

 Our Histrory

Solvate History

In 2011, the company Solvate IT was founded by Christian Fast with the aim of closing an important gap in the digital landscape of small and medium-sized companies. These companies often form the backbone of the economy, but face specific challenges when it comes to integrating and utilising digital technologies. Christian has been fascinated by the connection between technology and business ever since his studies at Graz University of Technology. This close connection represents an exciting challenge for him and is also a driving factor behind his motivation. With Solvate IT, he sees it as his responsibility to unlock the full potential of companies through state-of-the-art solutions.

 Our Customers

We’re in Good Company

 Our Customers

We’re in Good Company

Our Team

Meet our Management team


Christian Fast

Head of Project     Management

Gunther Rindler

Head of Software Development

Peter Genser

KEY Accountant

Juliana Seebacher

Head of Support

Karoline Nunner

Head of security


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